2017 Round up

2017 is almost done and all our efforts are focussing on the challenges the lie ahead for 2018

Looking back on 2017, our margins have been affected by higher raw material costs caused by the fall in the value of Sterling. These costs are difficult to pass on to our clients, who are under pressure to reduce prices from their retail customers who are also seeing higher costs for imported goods as well as the continued competition from the discounters. Unfortunately, some of our customers have moved to other packaging formats

However, we do have a lean and robust business that is ready and able to take advantage of the inevitable opportunities waiting to be found in this ever changing commercial climate

For example, in 2016 we decided to exhibit at Luxe Pack New York and already the contacts made are placing orders and are indicating a desire to do more business with us

Furthermore, we have targeted UK businesses who, some time ago, moved their packaging to the Far East. Our efforts have now been rewarded with a number of supply agreements from some prestigious Brand Owners

Overall, our New Business Development strategy has resulted in our best year for new customer acquisitions for some time which has led to a significant increase in the number of folding cartons produced in the last 12 months

As stated earlier, 2018 will be another challenging year but there is encouraging evidence that a good year lies ahead