Sales Director’s Case Study – Plastic Cake Collars

Subject: Plastic Collars for Christmas Cakes

When one of the UK’s leading retailers began receiving consumer complaints about their packaging, Staeger Clear was invited to provide a sustainable and cost effective solution

The issue was that oils and fat within the cakes were staining the printed surface on the traditional folding boxboard collars even though they had a poly coating to provide a barrier. On investigation the issue was the raw edge on carton board which in this case allowed oil or fat to be drawn into the board, commonly known as wicking, and then migrate to the outside of the printed surface, to be seen by consumers

After a series of trials, the agreed solution was a collar lithoprinted, one side on to opaque white rPet (re-cycled pet) which forms a complete barrier against any wicking

The white rpet is made from a minimum of 50% post consumer waste(old bottles), the standard for most retailers and brand owners, which is also approved for direct food contact.

Rpet can be re-cycled where facilities exist

The retailer and their manufacturing partner were delighted with the result and will use more plastic collars for other items in their range for Christmas 2014.

Other supermarkets are following suit to help reduce complaints,food waste and improve their environmental responsibility.