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Why M&S Prefer Staeger Clear – Ian Jamie

The reason why M&S like Staeger’s transparent packaging for their Easter egg range is because it gives 360 degree viewing of their heavily decorated artisan eggs. Normally the PET would be left unprinted to aid recyclability and the board base would be made out of metpol, printed, to tie in with collection range colours. Staeger have become very experienced in combining PET outer sleeves with PET vac forms and cardboard and are considered the No 1 choice for developments of this nature. Most of the M&S easter products are produced by Staeger

M&S Easter eggs are not ordinary, they are carefully crafted and exquisite to look at. Hiding their eggs behind cardboard would waste the huge marketing opportunity the eggs themselves give

Staeger ‘s PET (Recyclear) ties in with plan A, it is recyclable and is recycled from London closed loop’s bottle waste. All in all a great result.

7 Years At Staeger – Jon Bullimore

Over the last few days I received a number of messages via Linked –In, congratulating me on my work anniversary. It had never occurred to me that it was 7 years ago on 1 Sept 2007 that I joined Staeger Clear Packaging

I cannot believe how quickly those years have flown and how much we have achieved in that time

2007 was also a milestone for our Coventry based business, originally known as Clear Packaging Ltd, as it became part of the Staeger & Co AG Group based in Switzerland

Following an initial re-branding and integration into the Staeger philosophy, we embarked upon a new strategy of fast and sustainable profitable growth, which was quite a challenge as the UK was about to plunge into the deepest and longest recession for 30years

Well, I’d say the team has successfully met those challenges, by doubling turnover to end of 2013 and consistently increasing profitability to provide funds for new investment, such as:

Range of machines for ultrasonically welding the corners of Lids & Bases
Machines to produce cylinders from Ø40mm up to Ø160mm
Heidelberg Varimatrix die cutter
New premises, customised for production to BRC standards for food packaging

Complementary to above, our owners have provided us with invaluable expertise and “know how” to strengthen our proposition in the UK Marketplace

All sounds good so far, however as the UK begins to recover from the recession, the marketplace and its demands on packaging manufacturers is very different to what it was 7 years ago. Major retailers who consume most of what we make are losing market share to the discounters (Aldi & Lidl in particular) and some have responded by cutting prices and increasing the number & frequency of promotions. These initiatives have to be supported by their suppliers and eventually companies like us who supply their suppliers. What we are now experiencing is pressure to lower prices and shorten lead-times which are likely to affect our margins

The company is in a strong position to deal with these challenges as it continues to focus on innovation, supply chain solutions, customer service, inroads into new markets and importantly, the development of our people.